New Year’s Resolution Tips

by Tim Drevna, December 17, 2014

Do you want a healthier lifestyle but feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to make changes this New Year? Here are some helpful hints to start making a healthy impact on your lifestyle:

Set a realistic goal and be patient.
Think of how long you have been living an unhealthy lifestyle. Don’t expect a miracle over a short time. Give yourself a reasonable time frame to achieve your particular goals so you can set yourself up for success.

Try to avoid making too many major lifestyle changes all at once.
Decide what you feel is most detrimental to your health or most important in your lifestyle and begin there. If you want to start an exercise routine, quit smoking, quit eating after 7 in the evening, and give up sugar, don’t try to start all of these challenges at the same time. Pick one or two and get them going successfully before tackling the next goal.

Make one small goal each week and stick to it.
If your eating habits are a problem, your first goal might be to increase how much water you are drinking by two glasses per day. If exercise is a goal then begin with a 15 minute walk right after supper two days per week. Once you turn this small goal into a habit (usually 7-10 days) then add the next small step. Remember small steps will make it seem possible.

Make yourself accountable.
Tell somebody what your weekly goals are and write down your successes and slip-ups so you can see your progress and your weak areas. If you don’t feel comfortable with a friend or family member, see a health professional in your area and they can assist you with your goal setting and accountability.

Find a lifestyle friend and work together to improve both of your lives.
You can support one another when making difficult decisions and motivate one another to stick with the goals and keep moving forward. Everything is always easier when you have a partner for support.

Reward yourself.
When you have achieved a success, reward yourself in some way. You may want to choose rewards that will inspire or encourage you along the right path. For example: a new exercise shirt, a new food scale to assist with portion sizes, a new water bottle, etc. Sugary treats are NOT a good reward!

Invest in help.
If you find you are struggling or falling off of your path, invest in a physical therapist to help you get back on track and moving forward again. At Drevna Physical Therapy, we offer fitness evaluations to help you get started on a program that is right for you. We also allow you to set up regular visits to check in or train with us. If you are interested in setting up a fitness appointment with one of our physical therapists, call our office at 717-569-4184.

Happy New Year!!

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