Yoga For Health

by Tim Drevna, June 5, 2015

Yoga. In today’s world, you can’t go anywhere without seeing multiple yoga studios opening up or classes being offered at your local gym. According to a 2012 study in Yoga Journal (, 20.4 million Americans practice yoga. This is a 29% increase from a study performed in 2008.

So why is there such a draw to this ancient form of exercise? The most common reasons are to increase flexibility and strength and decrease stress. Other benefits include improved balance, posture and muscle tone.

There are many different types of yoga such as hatha, bikram, vinyasa, power yoga,etc. With all the different styles of yoga, how do you decide which one is appropriate for you?

That is where Drevna PT comes into the picture. This fall we will be offering yoga classes taught by a Physical Therapist Assistant (me). The type of yoga that will be practiced does not fall into a specific style as mentioned above. It is a combination of standard yoga poses mixed with knowledge gained from an education in physical therapy. Each class will provide modifications for participants who are rehabbing an injury as well as teach proper alignment for each pose. If you have never taken a yoga class or have wanted to get back into it, come join our classes in the fall! Call our office at 717-569-4184 to put your name on a yoga sign-up sheet or check out our website at for current and upcoming classes.


See you in the fall!

Sherri Gagné, PTA

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