Go Run!

by Tim Drevna, November 10, 2015

Great news for runners or those who are thinking about running! The latest research from the Mayo Clinic shows that you only need to run 6 miles per week to increase longevity. In addition to the standard benefits such as decreased blood pressure, weight loss, etc. running can increase longevity by 3-6 years.

The article was published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. It is a review of research by exercise physiologists, epidemiologists, and cardiologists who “summarized the results of the best, large-scale studies on runners,” according to a recent article in Runner’s World. Dr. Chip Lavie was one of the authors of the Mayo Clinic article. He states, “contrary to popular belief, running is associated with lower rates of osteoarthritis and need for hip replacement.” Another surprising fact is that “running doesn’t cripple the musculoskeletal system, but makes it more robust.”

Bottom line is: GO RUN! You will reap the benefits even if you run only 6 miles per week.

Sherri Gagné, PTA

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