Why is the room spinning?

by Tim Drevna, January 21, 2016

Have you, a friend or a family member ever experienced a sudden onset of DIZZINESS?

If it was related to looking up or turning of the head and neck, occurred when changing position while in bed, or when showering or shaving and tilting the head backwards, it could be a treatable form of dizziness called BPPV.

In an article published in the May 2015 Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy,  the authors reported that untreated episodes of dizziness can lead to falls and serious orthopedic injury, such as spine, rib, or pelvic fractures. Successful treatment of such dizziness can diminish the likelihood of imbalance and possible falls.  01.08.2016 May2015JOSPTDizziness

Although there are many causes that contribute to the onset of dizziness, BPPV is a common diagnosis in those people over 60 years of age. Small calcium crystals may become dislodged in the inner ear, causing fluid to move in the ear canal, and a sensation of dizziness to occur.

Physical therapist specialists perform an exercise maneuver of the trunk and head to help remove the particles from the fluid filled semicircular canal into another area of the inner ear where they can be reabsorbed. The cure rate is dramatic, and has been reported as high as 80%, without the need for medication. Patients can continue with a home exercise program between visits with the Physical Therapist, and diminish the recurrence of symptoms.  The recurrence rate has been reported to be from 15-30%, with most clients noting resolution of their symptoms in 1-3 visits.

Dr. Anita Roma, a Certified Neurological Specialist at Drevna Physical Therapy Associates, has evaluated and successfully treated cases of transient dizziness episodes due to inner ear problems for over 20 years.

Don’t let dizziness and balance difficulties allow you to be susceptible to falls and possible bone and joint injuries. Call our office at 717-569-4184 for an appointment with Dr. Roma for an evaluation and treatment of your balance issues.

Stay safe, Lancaster,


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